ST2 - 2200L Septic Tank

Septic Tanks

2200L Septic Tank includes all pipes and fittings

All 4EVR tanks:

are roto-moulded as one integral part to ensure a watertight unit.

have heavy-duty reinforced ribs for extra strenth.

Are durable, lightweight and strong.

can be linked to increase capacity.

Have fittings included.

Have easy access to inlet and outlets.

Cannot rust or corrode (that would shorten the life expectancy of the units) making it 2 - 3 times more lasting than traditional units.

Have a removable manhole cover that can be filled with concrete.

4EVR Septic Tanks:

have an internal baffle for dividing solids and fluids.

have a unique internal pipe and tube system that ensures no unwanted spillage.

are resistant t the action of sewer gasses.

can easily pumped out when neccary


Stock Code: ST2

Volume: 2200Ltr

Length: 2000mm

With: 1200mm

Hight: 1400mm

Serves: 8

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